Tuesday, 17 April 2012

From shirt to cushion

I've had the below shirt in my 'pile to do something with' for a long time now, I loved the fabric and because it's quite a big shirt thought I could turn it into a few lovely things.

So of course my mind went to cushions! I've also had this design in mind for a long time but like so many of my ideas never seem to fin the time to make it. So after a boost of energy and inspiration I decided to get started on my 'Cockney Rhyming Slang' cushion. I've always liked the idea of combing images with the slang and the easiest and most obvious rhyming slang is 'Apple and Pears = Stairs'.
So I decided the shirt would be the back and the pear part of the cushion, some left over green spotty fabric for the apple and my felt stash for the leaves and letters.
And below is the finished result! I must say I'm quite pleased.

This will be on sale at the 2 markets I'll be doing this weekend, Saturday I will be at Stockport Town Hall and Parbold Village Hall. Busy weekend.

Friday, 6 April 2012


Recently my making has taken a slight owl themed turn. After my first owl cushions and brooches were snapped up I started making a little owl family.

The stuffed owl was made from a shirt that I bought in a charity shop and wadded with completely recycled materials. I'm glad to say he was snapped up and my last Old Mother Hubbard and has gone to a good home.
I'm will be making more of these little guys over the next few weeks so will keep you updatd with pictures.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Photos

Yet again I must apologise for my absence on the blog front. Life just seem's to get in the way a lot lately!
Before Christmas my friend Alison Hoyles had done my the great offer of asking to use Crafty Ginge for her University Photography project. So all my bits and bobs were carted off for a proper photoshoot (don't worry no nude shots) and turned into a beautiful book made out of recycled fabrics. I'm still waiting to see the finished piece and I can't wait!

So I wanted to share some of these lovely photographs with you.

I am booked to do more markets over the next few month's so I shall do my upmost to keep you updated. But for now good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.

Friday, 28 October 2011

when you go shopping........

you should always have your shopper on you! Well at least I always try to as I'm sure you're all aware we need to stop using those pesky carrier bags. So to encourage people to use shopper bags I've tried to spruce them up a bit and make them not only something to carry your fruit & veg in but also a bit of a fashion statement. I shall be selling these at the monthly Old Mother Hubbarb Market in Fuel but I have also booked my 1st xmas market in Prestwich so need to build up my stock!
Most of the applique used on the 2 calico bags is from recycled fabric and the striped bag is fabric donated to me by a friend when she was moving down to London.

TBH this is how I have come across most of my fabric as i can't bare to see it be thrown away, sadly this does mean although I am in the biggest room in the house I am already running out of space!
Yet when we had a clear out at work did I turn down the fabric we were throwing out, NOPE! Already started a cushion with some of it, shall post a picture once finished.

And yes I've mentioned Christmas because it really is not that far away! Don't get my wrong I love Christmas but not the fact it gets shoved down your throat for 3 months in advance. But alas being a crafter who also has a full time job I've had to start preparing now as not only to I need to make stock for the market I also have to make presents for my darling family!

So be sure to see updates on all the presents I shall also be making over the next 2 months. So far all I've made a start on is a scarf I'm knitting for my friend.
Will keep you posted.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

From Graze box to Gift Box

If you've not heard of it Graze is a snack box you can buy online. It's supposed to encourage healthy eating, you go online select what nuts, seeds, fruit etc you like and each week they send you a snack box with 4 different selections in. Anyway after sampling a free trial I thought how the box's would make good gift box's. So as I do with so much would be rubbish/stuff I kept it and put it aside to do something with at a later date.

So finally many many months later, it really takes me a long time to get round to turning said ideas into something real, I got round to having a go at turning said graze box into a gift box.

First of all I needed to make something to make the box stay fully closed as it opened slightly unless stuck down. So I cut a slot in the bottom to thread some tape through, then stitched down a button to wrap the tape around. I then cut out 3 different pieces of some floral wrapping paper I've been storing. I piece to cover the graze logo on the front then 2 bigger pieces to cover the images on the inner of the box and where I had secured the tape.

Then I just needed to fill the box with gifts! I made a plain card of spotted fabric with a floral stuffed heart, A owl brooch, a small bag of buttons and some tape.

Am pretty pleased with the end result and can make lot’s of different types depending on the paper I use etc. So watch this space for more creations.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Some new bits and bobs...............

So been making a few new bits and bobs for the market stall. I recently bought some alphabet stamps off ebay and wanted to use them in my cards so had a go at a few, also used recycled fabric. Still need to improve my stamping skills as can't get them quite straight, but overall am pleased with them, think more will be made. Have also just bought some red ink for my Christmas cards, yes Christmas I know!

There's more to come but it's past my bedtime and I've got work in the morning, so more creations to come soon.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Swap Shop.......................

Just thought I'd let you know that the Stitched Up girls are holding a Swap Shop tomorrow at Fuel Cafe in Withington as part of the Old Mother Hubbarb market.
You can drop clothes off at 1pm and swapping is from 1.30-5pm. It's £2 if you bring clothes and £3 if you don't so either way you can go away with some lovely new clothes for only a few pounds!

And as always I shall be there selling my hand-made cushions, bags, bunting, cards and more. I've made a few new cards and bags too so come on down and have a look (if not I'll get some pics up soon). There will also be lovely vintage clothes, hand-made jewelry and much more.

Hope to see you there.